Saturday, 2 June 2012

The great joy of using child labor

The Monstrous corporate terrorist shove unreasonable demands on their suppliers in the so-called “Third world countries” that they suppressed using economic warfare by encouraging the use of Child slave labor. They are pressurized to meeting their unreasonable demands so that the corporate monsters can make their billions over the lives of the people they destroy in the process. They not only take the possibility of a better future from the children but they create a powerful web that people can never get out of even if the doors are open. It is an open prison that these monsters created so they can pretend to be the rulers of the world. Bharti Walmart India has been created to destroy this country further, and feed off the lives of the people who are unaware of the putrid tactics used by these inhuman creatures. They are the same evil cult that owned the British, French, and Dutch East India Company that destroyed the world in mere 200 years as they greed compels them to serve their hollow souls. 

Bharti Walmart